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Our history

Since my father founded the company in September 1971, 48 years have passed. When it was founded, I was still 4 years old and didn't understand what the situation was like at the time. I hadn’t spent much time with my father and mother at home, and I was alone with my brother. You may think that I felt loneliness all the time when I say both of my parents work outside the home, and I had been a latchkey child. But actually, I didn’t feel loneliness very much because my brother often played with me, and the neighborhood supported us warmly.

I can now see that, at the time of the oil crisis in 1973, many companies got into hot water, and we were no exception. It was natural that we could hardly get something to eat, and we were at the bottom of life. I remember that I was really happy when my mother made a donut for a snack using a paste made from wheat flour without any sugar or eggs. At that time, I grew up innocently with a lot of love without noticing the fact that my father and mother ran around for money to keep the company alive and that the employees at that time were working hard.

I learned the situation at that time shortly before I joined this company. The fact that our employees worked hard with my parents at that time overwhelmed me. I was really surprised by the fact, and I have no words to appreciate their effort. I decided to put this feeling into shape and repay the kindness.

For me, people are treasures. We will nurture employees who can walk together and always challenge new things, and will value the trust of our business partners who face us.

Nissin chemical Co., Ltd. President & Representative Director
Hiromi Watanabe


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