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Nisshin Chemical has its production bases in Kyushu and Kanto regions and provides products with a high satisfaction level.

MERITProduction structure

We will continue to provide high quality products which meet the demands of our customers.

We have manufactured and sold professional packaging materials and standard bags, mainly polyethylene film products, since our establishment in 1971.
At present, we make products in our production bases at our Fukuoka and Chiba factories and sell the products nationwide.
To gain customer's trust, we need to manufacture and sell quality products.
Our direct-selling system enabled quick delivery and cost reduction.
We offer high quality products through our thorough quality control system.
We will respond and adapt to the needs of our customers which change every day and deliver the utmost satisfaction to our customers.

MERIT.1Two main bases of Fukuoka and Tokyo factories

We, Nisshin Chemical, have production bases in several locations in Kyushu and the Tiba metropolitan area, and we are conducting various businesses nationwide. Our Fukuoka and Chiba factories are the two main production sites, where products in all fields are developed. We deliver high-quality products to customers nationwide.

Two main bases of Fukuoka and Tokyo factories

MERIT.2Our direct sales system

Our direct sales system is the delivery of products manufactured by us to our customers without middlemen. Eliminating the intermediate margin not only has a cost advantage, but also enables us to propose products that meet customer needs by directly listening to the needs.

Two main bases of Fukuoka and Tokyo factories

MERIT.3Thorough quality control

Our factories took measures against insects and dust by introducing a positive pressure system, and we manufacture products while maintaining a clean environment. We conduct thorough inspections on our products from all directions. We provide only clean and high quality products to you.

Two main bases of Fukuoka and Tokyo factories


Blown film extrusion

Our blown film extrusion machine is cutting-edge equipment which has automatic folding width control devices, automatic thickness controller and automatic foreign matter detector. With this machine, we can deliver stable high quality products to customers who want strict high quality.

Polyethylene products

Polyethylene products

We strive to become a company which is trusted by our customers and a company which contributes to society.

Standard bags and special order films

Standard bags and special order films

Our main products, polyethylene products, have a lot of categories. We will also customize our products for your requirements and demand characteristics.

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