Nissin Chemical Co., Ltd.,

Flow of production

By intoroducing state-of-the-art appliances, We meet the changing needs of our customers.

Blown film extrusion

A way of forming a tubular film by squeezing out thermal melted polyethylene-resin from the discharge-opening circle and stretching it with a uniaxial-stretching method.
Our blown film extrusion machine is cutting-edge equipment which has automatic folding width control devices, automatic thickness controller and automatic foreign matter detector.
With this machine, we can deliver stable high quality products to customers who want strict high quality.
Also, in addition to our 24-hour operation, as for 1 -color printing, since we can do in-line printing immediately after the film forming, few manufacturing losses and cost-effective production processes are realized.

Gravure printing press

One-color in-line printing press and many-colors outline printing press are equipped in every plant.
Simple one-color printing is carried out in-line with reduced operating costs, and multi-color printing such as photograph is carried out carried out at out of the line with special technicians checking small things such as ink concentration, and the condition of overlapping of patterns and positions.
To meet recent demands of special ink and special applications from our users, our products have special features such as an oil-proof and non-slip feature in addition to our high color performance.

Bag machines

This is a machine which cuts so-called raw fabric which is rolled-up film which was produced with the film blowing machine, into a specified size, and processes heat sealing to its bottom part.
By processing long roll-length raw fabric, the loss at the time of the bag making can be reduced and the shortened production time will increase efficiency.
Also, a lot of bag-making machines connect to automatic packaging machines after sealing and cutting. So, there is no need for those products to be touched by any operator's hands, resulting in outstanding good hygiene.


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